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Engagement Shoot

What is an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is just a figurative walk in the park, during which photos will be taken. That’s our definition of an engagement shoot.

engagement shoot

Why would one book an engagement shoot?

In the first place, it is obviously super nice to have beautiful photos of you together! These can be used on the save the date cards for example or your invitations. You can also personalize the decoration of the wedding with the photos from this photo shoot. Take your thank you gifts for example, or the cake topper. You can go ballistic with this!

engagement shoot
engagement shoot

There is another reason to book an engagement shoot. It is nice to get used to having your pictures taken. You may find it scary or annoying to have your picture taken. Several bridal couples told us that by doing an engagement shoot prior to the wedding, they were much more secure during the wedding.

Finally, it is a wonderful moment with just the two of you, in which you can get together completely. A short break from all wedding preparations. And even if you are not planning a wedding at all, but just want nice photos of the two of you, it is wonderful to share this moment together.

“Two dedicated people with an enormous empathy and an eye for detail.”

Inge and Bert-JanEindhoven

How do you approach this photo shoot?

Two dates

We usually plan two dates for an engagement shoot. We use the second date if the weather is bad on the first date. Unless we plan to take the pictures inside, more about that later.

Engagement shoot in nature

We love going into nature with you. Not only because we can use the colours of the leaves so beautifully. But also because we just love being in nature. It is (usually) quiet and spacious and who doesn’t like a breath of fresh air?

A nice walk in the woods, over the heath or on the beach is a perfect backdrop for romantic photos of the two of you together.

And we haven’t even talked about the light! If we succeed in having the engagement shoot around sunset, and the weather cooperates, we can use very beautiful light. Before the sun sets, the light is a bit warmer in colour. Furthermore, when the sun is low, we can also take beautiful photos where it acts as a backlight.

Engagement shoot at an industrial location

The advantage of an indoor location is that you are not dependent on the weather. In addition, with an industrial location you can really go for sleek and tough photos. We also have experience with the creative use of flash, which can be especially interesting indoors.

industrial engagement shoot silhouette

Posing during an engagement shoot

We meet many bridal couples who are not very keen on posing. With our approach it doesn’t have to feel like that at all! We take the time to put you at ease. We ask some questions to enhance the atmosphere and in the meantime we look for the most beautiful places. The main thing is that you are busy with each other during the engagement shoot, because the moments between you are the best to capture.

What kind of clothing should we wear?

That depends entirely on what you like. Of course it is nice if your clothing matches a bit. But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Feel free to bring an extra set, if you like. If we are allowed to give one tip, we would not recommend clothing with large letters or brands. The letters can in fact distract from what really matters: the love between you!

Photo shoot of your actual engagement

Of course we love it when you involve us in your secret plans to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to marry her/him! You could already plan an engagement shoot and then arrange that this will also be the time when you pop the big question.

Of course we will totally act normal, as far as we can assure that, haha! It is nice if we can secretly discuss with you what your precise plans are so that we are at the right place at the right time.

engagement shoot

After wedding photo shoot

Why would you set aside (much) time for a photo shoot on your wedding day if you can do it afterwards?

It can be difficult to schedule time on your wedding day to take photos together. Many wedding couples do this after the first look, prior to the ceremony. But there are also couples who only see each other at the start of the ceremony.

We fully understand that you want to be with your guests for as long as possible! That’s why we often only do a very short shoot on the wedding day, or none at all. You can also choose to put on your wedding dress again and take a photo shoot at a later, quieter moment. Then we have much more time. Your hair and makeup are different, but of course you can have that done beautifully for the occasion.

A final reason to do an after wedding shoot may be that you want to take photos at a specific location. And that location is not open on your wedding day, or is too far away from your wedding venue.

after wedding shoot arcen
after wedding shoot arcen

After the engagement shoot

After the engagement shoot we will start with the selection and editing of the photos. You will receive the digital photos within three weeks.

A Fine Art album

If you like, we can make a Fine Art album with the photos from the engagement shoot. Printed photos stand out best!

Fine Art prints

We can print your photos on Fine Art paper. They then have the same great quality as the album; sharp photos with beautiful colours. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Engagement shoot pricing

Do you want an engagement shoot? Or do you want to surprise your partner with it? An engagement shoot costs € 450 and is usually booked in combination with our wedding photography.

Feel free to send us an email to inquire about the possibilities, or complete the contact form instead. We respond within a day!

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