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Two Wedding Photographers

Church wedding

Always two wedding photographers at your wedding

What is the advantage of wedding photography by two photographers?

We can be in two different places

Because we can divide ourselves, we can, for example, record the preparations of the bride as well as those of the groom. We can also be in two places at the same time during the wedding, which means we can bring more images into the picture. For example, one of us can stand with the groom at the start of the ceremony, while the other stays with the bride just to capture that one hug. We can also photograph from different points of view at the same time: an opening dance from above and from the dance floor, for example.

Two wedding photographers see more

Of course we also photograph more. More guests and more moments. Wedding photography is always a choice: if you capture one moment, you don’t have the other. The two of us can divide this. This also gives us more creative freedom. One of us ensures that the registration of the day continues while the other can create an artistic image.

We have our own unique way of looking at the world

Talking about creativity: we both have our own way of looking. Edward, for example, loves unguarded moments of the guests he photographs unnoticed. Elke likes to take photos in which more context and story is visible.

We are a real team

We are two fully-fledged wedding photographers, a well-coordinated team. We make agreements on some things, we have gestures for others and we maintain eye contact with each other. That way we do not have to consult during the ceremony. In addition, we can anticipate what the other person wants to do. We also know each other’s strengths. For example, Elke can put you at ease during the shoot and Edward makes a super-romantic picture of it.

Finally, we are both very relaxed and cheerful; we like to mingle with your guests so that everyone will look relaxed in the photos. If you want to get to know us better, take a look at the page about us!

Church wedding

“Edward and Elke are brilliant in the work they do in an enthusiastic, committed and spontaneous way! They meet in a casual and informal way, they are very interested in asking what you want and there is also enough coordination before the big day!
They have a very calm and sympathetic passionate appearance and working method as far as we are concerned. Our guests were also impressed by the beautiful photos! They work unnoticed, where they can find many different angles in their creativity, even at a winter wedding such as ours :-)!”

Judith and PatrickBudel
First look of the bride
Exchanging wedding rings
Exchanging wedding rings

Every wedding is different! We really enjoy hearing about the plans for your day. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions, call us or complete the contact form.

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