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How we work on your wedding day

Preparations in the morning

And finally, there it is, the day that you have been looking forward to for so long …

We start during the getting ready. It is precisely during the preparations that beautiful images are created due to the existing concentration and the anticipation.

Edward almost always stays with the groom and Elke photographs the bride. We will of course be happy to go to the hairdresser if that is part of your preparations for the day!

We also photograph the details of your wedding dress and suit, accessories and the wedding rings at the start of the day.

wedding photography getting ready
wedding photography getting ready

The First Look

In other words: the moment when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day! Mostly, we photograph the first look when the groom picks up the bride. But of course you can also choose to see each other at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

We always discuss how we will stand in advance so that we can capture this moment as nicely as possible. The two of you only have to be just yourself! We know for sure that this will work out, because we will have already been present for a while and you will not even notice us anymore. You can completely immerse yourself in the first look!

wedding photography first look

Portrait session

Usually a portrait session follows, but you can also schedule it later during the day. We definitely recommend doing a portrait session at your wedding, first and foremost because that is a moment when you are completely together. And this is really the chance to have your picture taken perfectly. Your beautiful clothes, your beautiful hair and makeup will all add up to these perfect pictures! You can quietly look each other deep in the eye before all emotions really burst out. Or if the ceremony has already taken place, you can come together for a moment. Maybe you take a little walk. We are there and capture it. Sometimes we will give some instructions and if you have special additional wishes, we would like to hear them, but we try to keep it as natural as possible.

Of course you can also plan the portrait session separately! It is also nice to have a photo shoot done prior to the wedding, which we call an engagement shoot. Or you can plan a moment just after the wedding to be able to take plenty of time at a perfect place to take photos of the two of you together!

wedding photography portrait session

The ceremony

During the ceremony we capture what happens, each from our own perspective. For example, during the kiss, one of us can photograph the two of you while the other one captures the reactions of your friends and family. Naturally, we do this as silently as possible!

wedding photography ceremony
wedding photography ceremony

Photos of the reception and dinner

We certainly also like to take photos during the reception and dinner. It is precisely during these moments that crazy, unexpected and dear things happen. Cheerful congratulations, a sensitive speech, children who are having a good time playing, that one glance from your partner… We ensure that the images will be part of the story of your wedding!

wedding photography dinner

Photos at your wedding party dance floor

We think it’s great to take photos on the dance floor. We will of course record your opening dance nicely, and we definitely don’t want to stop there! We are a very good team on the dance floor. We often work together during the party: one camera, a couple of flashes, a crazy dance floor. You go wild, we will capture this in a powerful way.

wedding photography party
wedding photography party

Artistic wedding photography

We are always looking for challenges and ways to capture the beauty and emotion of the day even better. One of the ways to do this is to create an artistic image. Of course we do this throughout the day, but it is also nice to make an image that requires just a little more work. If you are up for this, we are very happy to do this for you! We first extensively test the idea and then come and borrow you briefly. Really very short, a maximum of 5 minutes, so that you can continue to party shortly afterwards!

Artistic wedding photography